Although we knew the work of care and harvest of the traditional olive grove, we have trained ourselves to do it better by combining the essence of the family olive grove and the advances in R+D+I to obtain a gourmet EVOO.
We emigrate, being children, from Villamanrique to Madrid and Ciudad Real, where we develop our professional activity. The objective was not to live on the olive grove, although it can be said that the olive grove has changed our lives.
A Sustainable Ecological crop, Healthy Eating and Rural Development are the fundamental values of this project.
The olives are divided between the terms of Villamanrique (Ciudad Real), Chiclana del Segura and Castellar (Jaén). In a region in the union of three provinces, Ciudad Real, Albacete and Jaén. Places located between the foothills of Sierra Morena, La Sierra del Segura and Alcaraz.
The plots have ancient and suggestive names like El Cortijo del Aire, La Muela, Los Collados, El Manantial del Buitre, Los Arijales…
The defense of the Traditional Mediterranean Olive Landscape is a commitment to the future. There are already some university initiatives that are developing a project for UNESCO to describe this landscape as “World Heritage”.

Personal Care

This project is exciting and our involvement is personal in all processes.

Personal care in the COUNTRYSIDE

For what we have an experienced permanent team under the technical direction of a specialist in organic farming.

Personal Care in the OIL MILL

We have trained as a Master of Oil Mill and Tasters of EVOO and also work with the supervision of an expert in the art of oil production

Personal Care in the MARKET

We care to connect with the people who are going to taste our EVOO, and with those responsible for the shops where it is going to be sold to receive first-hand feedback that helps us improve.

To decide when is the best time to harvest each plot, we carry out periodic analyzes since the beginning of September, when the results tell us that the olives have reached their optimum ripening point, then we collect.

In this phase the Picual olive still has a green color, just before starting the “envero” or change of color. From this moment the fruit begins to lose qualities.

Practicing the early harvest we also favor that the tree, unloaded from the fruits, rest during the winter and take strength to start the cycle in spring. Avoiding, also, the one known as olive grove “one year gives and the other does not”.

All this gives the oil great stability, so it will last much longer while retaining all its properties. And provides the consumers all the benefits of these components, in short: HEALTH
Therefore, although we obtain less oil with this type of extraction (early and cold), we are sure that it has the quality and benefits we demand.

There were we crush the olives with a hammer mill and the paste is passed to a mixer that moves it and makes it homogeneous, then take it to a decanter where we separate, always by physical means, the oil from the water and the remains of pulp, skin and bone.
At this point we obtain the olive oil, which we collect through a vibrating filter and, by centrifugal force, we release the remains of water that may have remained.
We already have 100% natural olive juice.
If we pursue quality, we have to sacrifice profitability.
Keeping the temperature low during the whole process is very important, because with heat more oil is extracted, but a large amount of healthy compounds and their aromas are lost.

Nuestro suelo es arcilloso, el olivo es de la variedad Picual, el cultivo, de tierra seca, el clima seco con poca lluvia, muchas horas de sol y temperaturas extremas. Recolectamos en verde y elaboramos en frío.
The Picual variety is the “olive 10”, which has the highest concentration of healthy components, such as polyphenols, oleic acid, omega 3, omega 6, pro-vitamins, vitamin E, etc., which give greater stability and a flavor of great personality with its bitter and spicy characteristics, indicators of its quality.
In addition to the 100% Organic Picual EVOO with the brand “MOLINO DEL AIRE”, we have composed a “Coupage” with Picual base and two other varieties that qualify the bitter and spicy potency and the contribution of other palate friendly features. This Coupage of three varieties is presented with the brand “DE TRES PIES”.
In each campaign some plot stands out over the others. Sometimes for giving spectacular crops, sometimes because even having suffered especially some inclemency or incident, it resists and gives us excellent olives. The oil obtained from these resilient olives is packaged as “OLIVE LIFE” Family Edition.

For animal feed the olive leaves and the dried alperujo, the olive bone for biomass for its high calorific value and for fertilizers of the olive grove itself, the treated alperujo.

There are also other industries, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, very interested in the reuse of olive residues.

The use of recyclable containers is another important factor.

In this way, the current “use and throw” linear system is run away and another environmentally friendly one based on prevention, reuse, repair and recycling is committed. This model allows extending the shelf life of products and providing them with a second life.


The dream of making a good oil has become a family project, with the aim of Positioning in the National and International Market a EVOO from Villamanrique with Premium Quality, in the Gourmet segment with Own Brands and with a fair price (the PVP is fair because it is due to production costs (low productivity), cold processing (low fat yield) and personalized marketing)