• What does EVOO mean?
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What does EVOO mean?

Respond to the acronym of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What differentiates one oil from another?

From the composition of the soil, the olive variety, the type of crop, the time of harvesting, to the method of production, influence on the final characteristics of the oil obtained.

How many types of olive oil exist?

Some physicochemical and organoleptic analyzes will tell us if it is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil or Lampante Oil (which are the only three direct possibilities of the olive).

Virgin Oils are suitable for human consumption, being the Extra Virgin the highest quality.

The Lampante must be carried out a refining to make it fit for human consumption, obtaining a flat fat to which a small proportion of Virgin or Extra Virgin Olive Oil is added to give it flavor and color. The resulting refined oil is called “Olive Oil”. Classification that leads to consumer confusion.

There is also the “pomace oil”, resulting from the chemical extraction of the fat that remains in the pomace.

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